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Developer Zone

The Developer Zone is our collection of APIs, documentation, guides, tools and utilities for the ObexCode Mobile Sync Server. The Developer Zone enables you to create new and innovative mobile solutions for any mobile device based on the core features of ObexCode Mobile Sync Server.

Mobile Sync API

The Mobile Sync API is a REST-based API with AtomPub. This web API provides developers with full access to all functionality in the Mobile Sync Server.

Available modules:

  • Sync Engine Module – Access to core mobile synchronization functionality, including OMA DS/SyncML and ActiveSync. The Sync Engine API module handles seamless data synchronization between any supported device, format conversions on the fly, time zone handling and more. It supports a range of data types, such as contacts/address book, calendar/tasks and notes.
  • Phone Model Module – The Phone Model API module provides access to and management of supported phone models. Included features are: device information and specifications, thumbnaill images, automatic device detection and configuration and more.
  • Datastore Module – The Datastore API module allows you to read, write and edit user generated content. It is provided with complete revisioning functionality - allowing you to create even more advanced solutions.

The Developer Zone is complete with online documentation with detailed code examples and step-by-step guides to get you started.

Developer SDK

ObexCode provides fully featured native SDKs for major platforms to speed up your development time. They can be used directly in your own mobile application, or modified to your own needs. Our SDK tools are free to use and modify.

  • Pyhton SDK

SDKs for new platfoms and programming frameworks are added continuously. Please contact us for specific requests.

Widget Store

The Widget Store is our collection of ready-to-use web widgets. Cut and paste web templates directly into your web pages for rapid development. Currently the following widgets are provided:

  • List supported phones
  • Select phone
  • Manage phone