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ObexCode Mobile Sync Server

The ObexCode Mobile Sync Server (MSS) is a first-class, standards compliant mobile synchronization server. It has been designed for multi-purpose usage and to be deployed by mobile operators, service providers, CRM/ERP-vendors and others who need a custom, integrated mobile synchronization solution.

Supported mobile synchronization protocols

The ObexCode MSS is the world's only stand-alone mobile synchronization solution with native support for both OMA/SyncML DS and Microsoft ActiveSync.

  • SyncML/OMA DS 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2
  • Microsoft ActiveSync

Using the ObexCode MSS, a wide range of SyncML and ActiveSync enabled mobile phones can be synchronized over mobile networks and the Internet. The ObexCode MSS supports over-the-air synchronization using HTTP over GPRS, 3G and WLANs.

Supported data types

The ObexCode MSS supports synchronization of the following data types:

  • Contacts (vCard)
  • Calendar/tasks (vCal)
  • Notes (text/plain)
  • SMS
  • Bookmarks
  • Multimedia
  • MMS

Client Provisioning

The ObexCode MSS has inetgrated support for automatic mobile terminal configuration using the following OTA/OMA specifications:

  • OMA Client Provisioning 1.1
  • Nokia Ericsson OTA Settings Specification 7.1
  • Server initiated synchronization

Security and Authentication

The ObexCode MSS has been designed with security for end users and service providers in mind.

  • SSL encryption
  • Secure user authentication
  • OAuth support for integration with third party system

Content Datastore

The ObexCode MSS comes fully equipped with:

  • Secure handling and backup of user generated content
  • Revisioning system (revert/undelete)
  • Time zone handling
  • Data format and character encoding handling

Reporting and Statistics

  • Online access to statistics, reports and log files on the web
  • Secure backup of all system databases, system logs and statistics

Phone Database

  • Mobile terminal database with core information about mobile phones
  • Regularly updated with new and supported models
  • Automatic device identification
  • Manual device selector

The ObexCode MSS is the core of our technology, and the base of our Sync API and Web2Phone offerings.

Please contact us to receive more information on how the ObexCode MSS can help you create our own mobile solutions, or test drive the technology using our Sync API or Web2Phone Portal.